Get Ready to Rewind in Perth: Your Ultimate Festival Escape at Pitheavlis Castle Gardens!

Hey party people! If your idea of a perfect weekend involves dancing like nobody’s watching to the tunes of the ’80s, then hold onto your legwarmers because the Rewind Festival is hitting Perth in 2024! And guess what? We’ve got the lowdown on the hottest acts, the festival vibes, and the perfect pad to crash at – our swanky apartment at Pitheavlis Castle Gardens. Let’s rewind and fast-forward to the ultimate weekend escape!

1. The Rewind Festival Lineup – Pure ’80s Magic: Perth is set to transform into an ’80s haven with the Rewind Festival, and the lineup is nothing short of spectacular. Get ready to groove to the iconic sounds of Duran Duran, Wham!, and Bananarama. It’s like a musical time machine, and you’re invited to relive the magic of the raddest decade.

2. Pitheavlis Castle Gardens: Your Festive Retreat: Now, let’s talk about where you’ll be crashing after dancing the night away. Our apartment at Pitheavlis Castle Gardens is the epitome of luxury and convenience. Nestled in the heart of Perth, it’s the perfect pad for festivalgoers looking for a stylish haven to recharge. Picture this: after an epic day of ’80s nostalgia, you’ll retreat to your cosy abode surrounded by the enchanting Pitheavlis Castle Gardens.

It’s important to know that this books up quickly so we always recommend booking in advance as soon as the dates come out! We’re already booked up for 2024, but if you’re interested in staying with us in 2025 get in touch as soon as possible!

3. Festival Vibes and City Delights: The Rewind Festival is set against the stunning backdrop of Scone Palace, providing the perfect blend of music, history, and picturesque landscapes. From neon-clad dance floors to chill-out zones, the festival vibe is contagious. And when you’re ready for a breather, the city of Perth is right at your doorstep, ready to charm you with its boutiques, cafes, and scenic riverside walks.

4. The Property Girls – Your Festival Fairy Godmothers: Just like in Blairgowrie and Glenshee, The Property Girls are your local gurus in Perth. Need insider tips on the best spots to grab a post-festival bite or the trendiest bars for an ’80s-themed nightcap? They’ve got you covered. Plus, with Pitheavlis Castle Gardens as your base, you’re not just attending a festival; you’re embarking on a weekend escape curated by locals who know how to make it truly unforgettable.

5. A Stone’s Throw from Festival Bliss: Now, here’s the cherry on top – Pitheavlis Castle Gardens is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Scone Palace, the epicenter of the Rewind Festival. Forget about long commutes or missing out on the festival fun. After the last encore, you can stroll back to your stylish retreat and relive the day’s highlights in the comfort of your own space.

So, rewinders, mark your calendars and prep those dancing shoes because Perth is the place to be in 2024. The Rewind Festival is calling, and Pitheavlis Castle Gardens is your VIP pass to a weekend of ’80s magic, festival vibes, and stylish retreats. Let’s make memories – because the ’80s are back, baby! 🎶🕺

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