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The Property Girls

A Property Management Service with a Difference

We at The Property Girls understand the emotional ties that comes with owning, designing and finally allowing guests to come and stay in your property. You may have worked tirelessly yourself running the property, ensuring all the linen is neat and uncreased, filled the coffee pods up and made sure every inch of that property is perfect for your next guests arrival. As incredible as owning your own holiday let it, the list of demands are endless and the ability to run it well can be very challenging.

That’s where The Property Girls come in. We offer complete flexibility over our management proposals and can take on as few or as many responsibilities as you require. Because we also have monthly meetings with all of our hosts these requirements can be increased or decreased to meet demand and our owners own circumstances. 

The Property Girls also do not ask you to sign up to our services for any minimum period as we believe our services are good enough to make you want to stay with us. If for any reason you decide to perhaps run the property yourself you will be free to do so without fear of large fees or broken contract agreements. We will also support you throughout this transition and if you think it would help, we can slowly reduce our involvement rather than stopping all support at once.

The Property Girls

Meet the Team

The girls behind The Property Girls!

Jenny Hogg

Jenny is 37 and has stayed in Blairgowrie for most of her life. She is a mum to 3 children who are now all teenagers which has freed up time for Jenny to chase her dreams and achieve her goals.

Her life was thrown into turmoil after the death of her father which left Jenny questioning her own situation. She made the difficult decision to leave her stable job in Sport and Fitness and take the leap into entrepreneurship by starting her own cleaning company Custom Cleans. Due to the company’s success Jenny was able to finally achieve her dream of having her own Property Management business.

Her speciality is people and has an ability to make anybody feel comfortable in her presence.

Caitlin Mackenzie

Caitlin is a 26 year old mum of two from Blairgowrie. After years of travelling the world and jumping from job to job she found herself in a position where she didn’t know where she quite fit in with life.

In 2020 she started a Digital Marketing and Web Design business with her partner Matty. With his background in programming and hers in business management and accounts, the business grew from strength to strength. When Jenny came to Caitlin with the idea of The Property Girls, she could not be more thrilled to be involved.

Her speciality is her written work and graphic design, making her a fantastic marketer for herself and her clients.

The Property Girls

Come Along on our Adventures!

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